Necessary Stats:

Art Mediums: Watercolor, pen, photography, digital

Instruments Performed: Trombone (bass & tenor), Guitar (bass, classical, slide & standard), Ukulele, Banjo (6 string), Piano/Keyboard, Musical Saw, Harmonica, Vocals

First Programming Language:
BASIC (learned from 321 Contact magazine).

Pets: Knobbins, a bearded dragon


The who, what, where, when, and why of WFL.

Life is simple for some. Complex for others. Our perceptions also color not just our views of ourselves, but of those around us. When we interact, we can either increase or decrease that complexity based on the impact on each other. Some people respond better to different words and actions, and those responses cause the other party to express simplicity or complexity.

This website, though visually simple, is deceptively complex. In some cases, perhaps, unnecessarily so. Like humanity, we can appreciate the face value, but the underlying aspects that create the façade can be more detailed than some can imagine, and others who can appreciate the complexity may find it unnecessarily so.

I have been told I’m fascinating. I’ve been told I’m strange. I’ve had plenty of interesting interactions that have crafted me, some supportive, and some repressive.

It’s the complex formula of support and repression that has driven me to be who I am. Don’t misunderstand me; I became who I am because it is what I wanted to be, rather than what others want me to be. My passions drive me, my supporters encourage me, and my repressors strengthen my resolve.

Let yourself pursue your own goals. Let your supporters guide you towards your goals. Let your repressors know that they aren’t going to stop you. Then you will be able to truly be you and appreciate it simply, with all the complexities that created it.

Better to be vulgar than non-existent.


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