Watercolor & Website Design: The future works of WFL

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It hasn’t been that long since my last redesign, but I decided that, with my new pursuits, a website redesign was prudent. As was shown in my 605 gallery exhibit post, I’ve begun investing time in watercolor. Website designs such as this have seemingly dropped out of favor for many, instead focusing on HTML5 canvas minimal themes with animation. While I …

The 605 Gallery Exhibit: Gargantula

Will Leffert Personal

A Treatise On These Pieces: Not long ago, I decided to get into traditional media. I grabbed my favorite pens, purchased some watercolor pencils, and got to work. These 4 pieces are the very first pieces I produced. While I make no claims of being a great artist, clearly they get chuckles, and I’m all about sharing the process with …

Abstract Web Design

Abstract Web Design: The New Website.

Will Leffert Case Studies

Yesterday I launched the new abstract design for my website. Before I go into the approach of the design, I wanted to solicit something a little different from my readers. I need some quotes from anybody and everybody about me. I encourage fiction, as you can tell by looking at my current homepage. I have plenty of real testimonials that …

The Headlines Project

Pop Music Isn’t Music: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

First, allow me to clarify: I’m using the term “Pop Music” to reference music produced by the mainstream music industry. Stuff like Justin Bieber, Kanye, Britney Spears and their ilk are what I’m talking about with this headline. Secondly, allow me to cite the primary inspiration for this headline; Guy Forsyth made an excellent observation of popular music, and that …

2016: A New Year, New Art by WFL

Will Leffert Editorial

I’ve been exploring new territory recently with my Headlines Project, and digital illustrations such as The Many Facets of Easter. I’m taking a break from The Headlines Project this weekend to just relax and think about my art, and where I want to go with it (plus, I ran out of toner for my printer, and delivery has been delayed). …

The Headlines Project

Not All Pets Have Fur: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

I will admit, I am a bit more biased than usual in this issue, but I think most can agree that my position is valid. Recently, a new IL law was passed protecting cats & dogs from abuse by neglect in living conditions (you can read Senate Bill 125 here). While that sounds great in theory, it has numerous flaws. The …

The Headlines Project

Copyright Is Copywrong: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

UPDATE: In another attempt to promote this on Facebook, I got declined for profanity (much like my Muslim Doesn’t Mean Terrorist headline, which was denied due to “hate speech”), even though there is no profanity. — Did you recently buy a new car? I bet you were excited. I bet you even took a picture of it and posted it …