Ghost Recon: Wildlands – The Game I’ve Been Waiting For

Will Leffert Personal

I love open world games for one specific reason: I can do whatever I want (assuming they are done properly), however I want.

Ghost Recon Wildlands, the latest in the Ghost Recon series, delivers in spades. In fact, it delivers the game I’ve been wanting to pay for years; An open-world shooter that allows you plenty of customization and playstyles.

The best way I can think of to show just how this game met my needs is to share an adventure I took, so, without further ado, here’s the first thing I did after the first couple of missions.

I read online that a certain sniper rifle (the MSR) was fairly easily attainable, even though it resided in one of the more late-game areas. After a quick skim-through, I decided I’d just mark the place on my map and go do it my own way.

I had played the beta, so I knew I could get a helicopter fairly easily, and figured that traversing the landscape was going to be a lot simpler via a chopper than a car. Once my team was loaded up (I’m playing with just the AI, which we’ll get to in a minute), I made my way to the mines in Montuyoc .

I decided that a little role-play was in order; my equipment drop landed off-mark, and as an obsessive sniper, I needed my rifle. As we flew, my team bantered about coke. Crossing a pond, a flock of birds took flight below me, following the same path.

It was a magical sight.

As we neared the objective, I set down about 400m away to scout out the location. I crept up to the mine and used my binoculars to get a lay-of-the-land and tag the bad guys. Creeping around the location about 200m away, I figured a stealth entrance would do the job nicely, with only 3 visible baddies. Two were close together, so I had one of my teammates sync his shot with mine, and we took them out. The straggler went down easily enough after, with no alarms raised.

As we crept in, I took out another baddie manning a mounted gun, and made my way inside the mines themselves.

I prepared to send a drone in to scout out the mines, but right as I was about to lift it out of my pack, an enemy rounded a corner and caught me unaware. I switched to my SMG with a silencer and plugged him full of holes; still no alarms raised.

As I crept in further to my objective, the body was discovered. Enemies poured out, and my team and I made a hasty retreat to the outside of the shaft, mowing them down as they came into view. Another target took on the mounted MG, so we had to backtrack even further to avoid getting flanked until we could deal with him.

After taking out what seemed like hundreds of enemies, it appeared that we were in the clear. I crept in, grabbed my rifle, and started to make my way out when more came.

I took my shots, calling my teammates to come provide cover for our retreat. We make it out and back to the helicopter none-the-worse-for-wear, and I take off..

..Only to be hit by a SAM not too long after our flight back. We abandoned the helicopter mid-air, parachuted down, and started trekking out on foot. After commandeering a car, we made our way back to base, and I had my rifle.

I’ve had numerous situations like this where things play out in an interesting and unexpected fashion. While the game isn’t without its bugs (what open world game isn’t), it is an absolute blast.

The only thing I’d change? Add a quicksave feature when playing offline. I can’t always sit and play through a whole mission due to frequent interruptions, so that’d be awesome.