Government Hold Music Cover Art

Government Hold Music: Track 1 Lyrics!

Will Leffert Government Hold Music

Here’s the lyrics for track 1 of my new EP, Government Hold Music.

Thank’s for calling Donald Trump’s House Of Cards,
Sponsored by Pepsi,
And Goldman Sachs,
Please hold the line.
A representative will ignore your calls as soon as they are available.

Hey there, friend?
How’re you today?
We’re all good up here.
In our tower of gold.

Please stay on the line,
If you’re looking to chat.
It’s been a hard road for you..
While we’ve been getting fat.

Have you heard how great we are?
In our land of opportunity.
For me, for him, and him, and him..
But nothing for you..

That’s the way it is,
In my golden dream..
I’m sure I’ll get to you sometime..
So hold on the line,

Have you tried to get a job?
I created those, you know.
Don’t listen to the angry liberal mob,
They just want to make you sob..

..For the sick, for the poor,
For those that we’re working for.
Well, I’m not, you see.. it’s like this.
I’ve got more important things to be.

Like a Twitter star, or a limbo bar,
If you’re a pretty lady, Step on up right here, baby!
I’ll show you what a king tastes like,
Just step on up and pretend this is your mic..

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