Better to be vulgar than non-existent.

-Bev Hensen
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This is not ego.

this is an exposition of appropriate confidence.

When I started to truly begin to discover myself, and pursue my creative and technical interests in earnest, I also discovered that people thought of me differently.

Previously, I was introverted, and lacked the self-confidence necessary to function in most social gatherings, let alone public speaking and performance situations.

As I began to build my outward persona, I found that others had new descriptors for me.

Huge ego. Narcissist. Self-obsessed. Argumentative. Vain.

I initially retreated back into my old nature; avoiding social interaction, shying away from anything I perceived as confrontation, and more.

It wasn’t for long, though.

Confidence in what I can do and what I know is right isn’t wrong.

I realized that the people utilizing those descriptors failed to make the effort to truly understand me and who I am.

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