Live with coal


plan for a diamond

I'm Will Leffert.

This is a story of perpetual beginnings.

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I've spent the last 20 years working on the web. Back in the early days, it was font tags, tables for layout, and animated gifs to make things interesting. Then came CSS, and I had to start over again. After that, DHTML and JavaScript became a big deal. AJAX. XML. jQuery. PWAs. React & Node.js.

When you work as a web designer & developer, you are always starting new with something. Sure, there are similarities to the previous ways things were done, but sometimes, things change enough to make you feel like a beginner again.

I wouldn't change a thing about my decisions to be a designer/developer. If you don't welcome the change, you welcome stagnation. If you don't continue to pursue learning with the same zeal you had in your youth, you'll fail to adapt, and no longer be a part of the industry leaders shaping the web.

This applies to everything. I got my start in photography with film. Art with Photoshop (ok, so I did things in reverse there, but still). Music with a trombone. Writing with angst-ridden high school poetry.

With everything I do, I absolutely must continue to learn, and in order to learn, I have to embrace the beginning. In order to embrace the beginning, I have to humble myself.

With each new start, I have to live like coal. Allow myself to embrace the difficulty of learning, with the goal of shining like a diamond. If I don't assume a humble attitude, I risk being unable to see my failings as I learn. If I instead assume I'll never succeed, I will create my own failure.

That is what it means to live with coal, but plan for a diamond.

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