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The Who, What, Where, When & Why Of WFL.

Necessary Stats:

Art Mediums: Watercolor, pen, photography, digital

Instruments Performed: Trombone (bass & tenor), Guitar (bass, classical, slide & standard), Ukulele, Banjo (6 string), Piano/Keyboard, Musical Saw, Harmonica, Vocals

First Programming Language: BASIC (learned from 321 Contact magazine).

Pets: Knobbins, a bearded dragon


Have you ever looked in the mirror and though you truly knew yourself?

I'm not talking about your face, or even your dreams in life.

I'm talking about your own mind; your sanity, your motivation for your actions, and how you'll react to the world when it comes crashing around you. What would you do if the world you knew decided that it didn't know you?

Our minds are vast fields of chaos. For some of us, that chaos comes to the forefront, creating spectacular portraits of humanity, and frightening visages of experiences untold.

My mind has been described as both. Adjectives such as "crazy", "paranoid", and "autistic" thrown around with such reckless abandon that you'd think I was some sort of textbook "nutcase".

Whether I am any of those, I am who I am because of my mind, and I am intimately familiar with its winding roads and confusing intersections. I embrace it, because without it, you would not see the work I have created here to share with the world. While I may not be Van Gogh, Alan Turing, or Mozart, I am better for knowing myself, deeply.


Better to be vulgar than non-existent.

-Bev Hensen

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