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2016: A New Year, New Art by WFL

January 3, 2016Will Leffert

I've been exploring new territory recently with my Headlines Project, and digital illustrations such as The Many Facets of Easter. I'm taking a break from The Headlines Project this weekend to just relax and think about my art, and where I want to go with it (plus, I ran out of toner for my printer, and delivery has been delayed).

I just wanted to take a brief moment to talk about my plans for the new year.

On the music front, I have a new blues single that I'll be releasing hopefully soon. I'm also experimenting with vinyl; this single won't be available for sale in vinyl, but later albums may be available in such mediums.

In the digital world, I'm exploring the idea of web-based artwork, utilizing my expertise in CSS & HTML to create visually interesting artwork displayed via the web.

Traditional media is where most will see a larger amount of growth; I'm researching two new mediums that aren't necessarily new in the art or consumer product world, but with  my own unique style, might prove to be of interest to those who pursue alternative and modern forms of art.

The first medium is sewing; Mimicking my 3d geometric style as exhibited in my branding, I have a few potential pieces in mind that will have a unique draw to any art fan.

The second is something a little more akin to my less artistic, and sometimes more offensive t-shirts. The twist is that these wearable pieces will be 100% original, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind.. fake nails.

I've enjoyed doing miniature artwork in the past, and feel that exploring the medium again would be fruitful, as well as give me some potential income to fund other projects that aren't designed to produce revenue. As well, miniature artwork production is very relaxing.

I've enjoyed 2015, so let's hope 2016 is another good year for art by WFL.