Amazon’s “New World” isn’t really all that new.

I’ve been a gamer for a long time, and have played a number of MMOs in my day.

My claim to fame in gaming was Asheron’s Call: This was the direct competitor to Everquest, when MMOs first started to become “mainstream” (before WoW).

I enjoyed AC immensely. I spent a lot of time in that world, developed some minor fame, and ended up selling my account on eBay for $100.

After that, I’ve played a variety of MMOs. Secret World. Fallen Earth. Final Fantasy XI. Guild Wars. The Division (1 & 2). The list goes on.

You know what all these MMOs have in common? Too much.

Grinding. Fetch quests. Loot systems. PvP with min-maxing. A voiceless player character. All are a common aspect of MMOs.

Know what else is common in an MMO?

Janky movement and awkward animations that pretty much remove all immersion.

Actually, The Division is the only one on that list that I’d say breaks that mold.

We’re in an age where we can do so much more for immersion in games, yet we are still relegated to these awkward caricatures of sentient beings when it comes to moving around and interacting with the game world in an MMO.

Also, as an aside, I find it amusing that New World has a reputation for literally breaking high-end graphics cards.

After learning that there was basic stealth within New World I decided to pick it up and see if it was going to be worth covering on GGN.

Yeah, almost 90 minutes later and I’m not even close to interested. Refund requested.

You may be saying something along the lines of “90 minutes isn’t enough to get a feel for a game!”

I disagree. I’ve been playing games a long, long time, and MMOs quite a long time as well. I can evaluate a lot from the early gameplay, and have learned to trust my gut more often than not, because it’s usually right. Plus, this isn’t a Final Fantasy game that spends the bulk of it’s introduction in cutscenes: You’re thrust right into it after a short video.

Every time I’ve forced myself to play a game to end-game when I don’t enjoy it, I’ve regretted it. So many people will say “It’s the end-game content that really sucks you in”, or “It doesn’t really pick up until 5-10 hours in”, but there are just some things that won’t change unless you’re experiencing what would literally be an entirely new game after hitting that mark.

A dinner that isn’t appetizing doesn’t change dramatically by tossing on a little seasoning, especially when you’ve had that dinner 12 nights in a row.