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WFL: The Business Card

This business card was handed out to potential clients of all my works.  It features the same artwork from a previous website design, which was featured in Smashing Magazine.

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Pupolicious Postcards

These postcards were designed for marketing to boutiques and small pet shops, encouraging them to stock Pupolicious in their store.  Pupolicious is a dog treat you bake at home, featuring safe, healthy ingredients.

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Main Street Cinema 8, Hannibal, MO

When the new cinema opened on Main Street in Hannibal, MO, the local newspaper did a feature publication on the development of the theater, and its history.  I designed the cover, and handled editing and content.

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The Hannibal Brick Oven

The Hannibal Brick Oven is an Italian restaurant in Hannibal, Missouri.  The design features a unique aesthetic while maintaining a standard, functional content layout.  It integrates Twitter to feature the regular specials that are available to the restaurant, allowing the business to manage quick content updates on their own from any device.

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The Relit design was featured in Smashing Magazine for its creative navigation and layout.  It was hand-coded in XHTML and CSS2, and was designed to be usable across all major browsers, including early versions.

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Hannibal Regional Hospital 2006 Website

Hannibal Regional Hospital's 2006 website design features a strong attention to usability.  It was hand coded using HTML 4 and CSS2, and was designed to fail over perfectly for TTS  and visually-impaired visitors.

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Pupolicious 2012 Website

Pupolicious is a bake-at-home dog treat that features healthy ingredients, and no preservatives.  The website was coded using XHTML strict and CSS2, had a secondary mobile version, and rendered perfectly using all major browsers, including early versions of Internet Explorer (5+).  It was also TTS and text-mode browser friendly.

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Social Engine: Industry

This design was for my now defunct Social Engine music project.  Social Engine was an Industrial music project, featuring mostly instrumental works.  Instrumentation included string instruments, piano, synthesizers, and industrial style percussion.  Social Engine was running for about 10 years before it was shelved to work on other projects.

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I'm a web designer/developer, and I hate Internet Explorer.

The above image displays the template (in progress; just getting the layout code done, then I’ll do the rest of the type styles) I’m developing for my new portfolio.  The top is rendered in the latest Firefox on Windows XP (I do a lot of my coding on the go, and my laptop is still […]

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On Choosing a Blog Platform

When you pick a tool for a job, you pick the most effective and simple to use tool available.  You don’t use a sledgehammer when nailing down siding.  You don’t use a band saw to trim your beard. The same philosophy applies to blogging and CMS platforms. Lets go ahead and get this out of […]

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