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Google forks WebKit. I'm slightly annoyed.

“Blink” isn’t just a clever reference to rendering and operating speed with Google’s new fork, apparently. I’ll just leave this right here.. That last bit is what interests me.  They won’t be using the experimental flags such as -chrome for us web devs.  Instead, apparently, they are leaving it up to users to enable the […]

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The Art of Being A Web Consultant: Things Clients Should Know

So, since I was laid off from my last job, I’ve been doing what I call “country doctor consulting” just to keep my mind alive.  Most of it has been pretty small time stuff; helping people figure out whether their idea can be reasonably implemented with their budgets, what to do about problems with their […]

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The X3 Diary: A Humble Merchant's Beginning in Albion Prelude

When I was laid off from my job, I needed something to keep my mind occupied while I looked for something new.  The timing sucked, because hiring slows between October and January.  So, in between surfing for jobs to apply to, applying to said jobs, and doing random consulting gigs, I decided to find a […]

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I'm writing a book. Here's chapter 1, raw, and unedited:

Being born means different things to different forms of consciousness.  While I can’t speak on the nature of coming into the world for say, a dog, I myself am well acquainted with the rather visceral act of birth of human child.  A messy affair, to be sure, even in this day and age.  A lot […]

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In Memoriam of Some Great Games In History

Being unemployed is boring.  So boring, that when I’m not looking through job listings (and being completely disappointed in the offerings), I’m doing anything and everything I can to find some entertainment and exercise my mind. I’ve done new design work.  I started writing a sci-fi novel.  I’ve read so many books in the past […]

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A call for models: Got legs?

Hey everybody!  I’m getting back into the art-producing world, and have an old series I would like to finally complete. Here’s the specifics: I need 3-5 female models with a thin/athletic/average body type.  For the photo set, you will need to be in either a bathing suit or underwear that doesn’t cover your legs.  The […]

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An idea for a secure locking system for safes/doors/mobile devices

I haven’t heard of this done before, so I figured I’d share it with the world.  I’m not really interested in going through the patent process, and would much rather see the world be secure than make money.  It isn’t exactly a “brilliant” idea, anyway. Take a look at your cell phone; if you’re like […]

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The pervasive nature of mobile technology, and those who trust it.

It is fairly common now for someone who have a cell phone, even in rural areas.  Internet access is standard, as well; people either buy their own, use the free wifi at Starbucks/McDonalds/Insert-Sit-Down-Establishment-Here, or leech off their neighbors.  People live vicariously on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. What few realize is just how far you can […]

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Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

The above cutey is Knob.  She’s also known as Knobbins, Knobetta, and on occasion, “poop bucket”.  She is among the best things that have ever happened to me, and I am proud to say I am definitely one of those “pet parents” when it comes to my baby, Knob. She was a gift from my […]

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The reasons why I support Child's Play

‘Tis the season for me to annoy you about Child’s Play Charity, so I’d like to delve into a few reasons why I support this charity the way I do. The first one many people already know; I used to be a sickly kid myself, and spent plenty of time in hospitals getting poked and […]

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