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Documenting Depression: Visiting The Psych Ward

If you've got someone you're close to with depression, there is a chance you'll visit them in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Visiting the psych ward is an experience, and each one is different. This is my experience. All names have been changed for privacy purposes. Carrie: Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety. Committed due to alcohol […]

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Living with TMJ Disorder

Do you have TMJ disorder? Do you have friends or family who do? Here's a story about living with TMJ disorder. Like many illnesses, everybody experiences different symptoms with TMJ disorder. Many of the people I know personally who suffer from TMJ disorder tend to deal with just a few simple symptoms; clicking of the […]

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Documenting Depression: Routine

When you live with depression, routine can be anything but. Jess has a harder time than most, due to the struggles she has to deal with on top of her anxiety, BPD & depression. Routine tasks aren't all that suffer, though; even things that are generally enjoyed can end in pain. Jess loves the bathtub. […]

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Documenting Depression: Highs & Lows

Jess has had a very rough week with her anxiety, BPD & depression with highs and lows. So many things can happen in a persons life that will impact them significantly. When you suffer from a combination of anxiety, BPD & depression, those significant events carry an even greater impact, creating exceptionally strong highs & […]

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Documenting Depression: Medication

This week, Jess went to pick up a prescription for medication to treat her depression. Depression medication plays a major role in treatment. Just like muscle relaxers for my TMJ disorder, or my antihistamines for my allergies, Depression medication is designed to help treat ailments of the mind. Jess's doctor (not to be confused with […]

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Documenting Depression: Getting Help

With depression, getting help isn't easy. Even if you have access to a mental health professional and can afford it, you still have to convince yourself to go. Jess and I have discussed therapy many times. We finally made an appointment to get help with her depression, but that doesn't mean we're over the hurdle. […]

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Documenting Depression: Feeling Like You’re Alone

Feeling like you’re alone isn’t an uncommon part of depression. You feel like you can’t rely on anybody. Jess can relate in a big way. Jess received a phone call that was not exactly what she was wanting; The people you might expect to be supportive and reliable in the world, for her, are the […]

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The Face Of Mental Illness: Documenting Depression

This is Jess, my girlfriend. We're documenting depression. Jess suffers from severe depression, anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder. There are numerous factors that have contributed to her pain. Her childhood was less than spectacular. Her adult life hasn’t fared much better, sadly. She has suffered so much in life that it is no wonder […]

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Website Redesign: (Animated) Cloud-Filled Mind

It wasn't much long ago I redesigned this site with some experimental UI & animation. It was fun, it was interesting. It was also unusable by a good swath of visitors. How do I know that? Not many people made it past the splash page, according to my analytics. I had hoped that the twin […]

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An argument for universal healthcare

I'm sitting here writing this as one of countless pleas from numerous people in the US who desperately need better healthcare. I'm 33 years old; soon to be 34. I've got a great job. I've got health insurance. I also can't afford to go to the ER like I should have. Let me start at […]

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