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Working With Database Front-End Generators: A Case Study

This case study is an abstract of a PHP/MySQL project I worked on quite a while back in my history as a developer; Essentially, a management system that was built utilizing a database front-end generator needed substantial updates. I'd like to share my experiences with it, and caution anybody looking to utilize a front-end generator […]

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Gambling on Life: The Conclusion & Gabapentin Withdrawal

This is the final part of a series called "Gambling On Life", my experiences in the US healthcare system. Read part 4 here. Gambling on Life: Quitting Gabapentin & Withdrawal Symptoms Let me start by saying thanks to everybody who has supported me in this journey. It has been difficult; each medication came with its […]

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Sensitive Hearing and Fireworks

First of all: Happy 4th of July. Second of all, let me tell you about my sensitive hearing, and fireworks being the bane of my existence. I've had slightly weird hearing for a long time now. As a teenager in High School, I had earned the nickname "Human Tuner" given to me by some of […]

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Gambling On Life: Pain Management Side Effects

This is part 4 of a series called "Gambling On Life", my experiences in the US healthcare system. Read part 3 here. Pain Management: Side Effects I'm no stranger to medication; I've been taking various kinds of pills for nearly all my life. I've been on all sorts of drugs; from standard anti-histamines to Valium. […]

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Gambling On Life: Pain Management Costs How Much?

This is part 3 of a series called "Gambling On Life", my experiences in the US healthcare system. Read part 2 here. Pain Management: Costs It had been almost a month since my first visit with Jordan at QMG. I had been taking the Gabapentin like clockwork, and was up to 200mg morning and evening […]

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Gambling On Life: Pain Management First Visit

This is part 2 of a series called "Gambling On Life", my experiences in the US healthcare system. Read part 1 here. Pain Management: First Visit My first visit with pain management was interesting. I checked in 15 minutes early, knowing I'd most likely have some paperwork to fill out. I am used to this […]

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Gambling On Life: The Cost of Treatment In the US, Part 1

It has been just over 6 months since my last redesign; with each one, I have a theme. Previous themes include touching on the definition of color (as well as interpretation of humanity), the state of my own mind, and appreciating more abstract forms in life. This time, I'm making public my experiences in the […]

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Should you report that weird kid in school?

In 1999, we had the Columbine massacre. The two who committed the atrocity were considered "outsiders". They wore black, listened to music like KMFDM, and played violent video games like "Doom". People blamed the music. They blamed the games. They started pointing fingers anywhere they could. Other kids became suspects, themselves, for sharing similar characteristics. […]

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Is Web Design Art: Black is the absence of light

Is web design art? I've had a passion for web design for many, many years. I've had some works gain more attention than others on various feature sites, as well as one design that got some kudos from Smashing Magazine years ago. Let me state the premise first: Web design IS art. The web is […]

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Internet & Net Neutrality For Dummies

Pretty much everybody is talking about it right now, but there is a lot of misinformation about Net Neutrality. I'd like to talk about what it is, and what the real problem is with it's repeal. Note: I've got credentials. I've got a degree in Computer Information Systems, have worked as a Systems Manager handling […]

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