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Job Hunting & Rejection Letters

I've been applying to jobs for a couple months now. Since I left Quincy Media, putting through job applications has been like tossing pennies into a wishing well; I've typically been applying for remote work positions, as I am not ready to move again at this time, and the competition is fierce. In round 1 […]

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Building A Resume Web App: Part 1

Job hunting as a web designer & developer can be a challenge, especially when you've got a long history in the field. I've always been taught to keep my resume short and to the point; Getting too deep can make potential employers gloss over everything, rather than absorb the critical information. As well, ensuring it […]

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How much does a website cost? A breakdown

I see and hear it all the time. "Why should I pay that much?" "A website shouldn't cost XXXX!" "I can just do it myself and save costs that way!" Today, I'd like to share with you just what it costs to build, host, and maintain a website. I'll focus on 2 approaches: The first […]

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Determining years of experience when applying for jobs

I recently started the hunt for a new job, and a common question that comes up is "How many years of experience do you have in X?" The answer, for me, is relatively easy, but determining your years of experience when applying for jobs may not be as simple for some. If you're like me, […]

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Learning React From Tutorials

I've finally taken a break from other projects to start working on learning React.js; I've gone through courses on LinkedIn Learning, and read a number of articles about it, but had yet to actually code something in React. This time, I decided to get my feet wet by learning react from a tutorial. The tutorial […]

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Creating a slider using jQuery and WP-REST API

While working on the website, I decided to create my own slider using jQuery and WP-REST API. I despise nearly all the freebie post-slider plugins. They are overengineered to a large degree to meet a wide swatch of users, and this increases load time as well as creates additional points of failure. Why utilize […]

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My latest project: Nerfed Gamer

If you've ever wanted to find a review for a game - any game - all you had to do was toss it's name on Google and you'll find countless reviews of major games, as well as ones developed by independent studios. You'll find information about the story, graphics, gameplay, and all sorts of other […]

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Stupid-Simple Image Optimization with PHP & GD

I finally broke down this weekend and wrote something (somewhat) worth sharing that can be used widely; the Stupid-Simple Image Optimization Script. Most of the code work I do is extending legacy code, or adding minor functionality to WordPress, anymore. Sure, I've written a number of from-scratch bits of web software, including my own CMS […]

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Dev Log: Why I started learning React

I've been pretty sick recently, and this is the first weekend I've felt back to normal. However, in my downtime, while I had the capability to focus, I've been studying React (and Node.js). This is why I started learning React (and why I waited so long to do so). First: React, like any technology on […]

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Medium sucks for your readers. Stop using it.

A controversial post in the web world, but not one that hasn't been said before by others, Medium really does suck for your readers, and you should definitely stop using it. For those of you who don't know, Medium is a blogging platform.. Essentially. It does a little more, but we're talking about it from […]

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