Pretty Lady Tonight

Get Free Music With My New Website

Will Leffert The Music Industry

To celebrate the launch of my new website, I’m releasing a new single for you to download, free of charge! While I was recording Government Hold Music, I decided to do a tune for my girlfriend about how we met. “Pretty Lady, Tonight” tells the story about the night we met, and is in an improvised style. I laid down …

Ghost Recon: Wildlands – The Game I’ve Been Waiting For

Will Leffert Personal

I love open world games for one specific reason: I can do whatever I want (assuming they are done properly), however I want. Ghost Recon Wildlands, the latest in the Ghost Recon series, delivers in spades. In fact, it delivers the game I’ve been wanting to pay for years; An open-world shooter that allows you plenty of customization and playstyles. …

SVG Animation web design

Animation & SVG In Web Design

Will Leffert Web & The Internet

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about the web, or what I’m even working on, so while we all wait for Government Hold Music to go live on digital distribution, I’ve been working on learning more about SVG and animation in web design, and wanted to share with you some of my work. First, I started experimenting …

Government Hold Music Cover Art

Government Hold Music: Track 1 Lyrics!

Will Leffert Government Hold Music

Here’s the lyrics for track 1 of my new EP, Government Hold Music. Thank’s for calling Donald Trump’s House Of Cards, Sponsored by Pepsi, And Goldman Sachs, Please hold the line. A representative will ignore your calls as soon as they are available. Hey there, friend? How’re you today? We’re all good up here. In our tower of gold. Please …

Where Is The Kindness? The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

Where is the kindness? This holiday season, beyond the debate of a war on Christmas, Christians (who compose about 70% of the US populace as of writing this) are supposedly celebrating the birth of their savior. A savior who professed love for all, and abhorred judgement. So, I ask again, where is the kindness? We’re seeing a distinct lack of it …

Depression Isn’t Simple: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

Depression isn’t simple. It never is. True, deep depression hurts you in ways that most people can’t even fathom. Sure, the average person may feel down on occasion. The depression I’m speaking of, however, is clinical. Debilitating, painful depression isn’t simple. It’s incredibly complex, and affects the person’s life in a profound way. Allow me to list just a few …

Trans Rights = Human Rights: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

With the 2016 election bringing forward a new Republican lead government, I thought it was high-time I approached a major issue to many Americans: Trans Rights Are Human Rights. First, let me define what a trans person is in a simple a manner as possible: A trans person identifies with a different gender than what they are physically. Transgender people …

The World Is Burning: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

The World is Burning. With the election now over, a new beginning is upon us. Many people voted for Donald Trump. Many people voted for Donald Trump for a variety of reasons. The Headlines Project is going to shift to discussing policy of Donald Trump; while there are certainly some positives, I hope to educate more on progressive agenda, and …

Words Matter: The Headlines Project

Will Leffert Headlines Project

I’m both pleased to announce that The Headlines Project has returned, and saddened at what has seemed so appropriate as a first headline for this season: Words Matter. In case you haven’t heard, as of writing this, there are only a few days left before the bulk of registered voters in the US hit the polls. Donald Trump, a candidate …