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Category: Case Studies

Working With Database Front-End Generators: A Case Study

This case study is an abstract of a PHP/MySQL project I worked on quite a while back in my history as a developer; Essentially, a management system that was built utilizing a database front-end generator needed substantial updates. I'd like to share my experiences with it, and caution anybody looking to utilize a front-end generator […]

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Website Redesign: (Animated) Cloud-Filled Mind

It wasn't much long ago I redesigned this site with some experimental UI & animation. It was fun, it was interesting. It was also unusable by a good swath of visitors. How do I know that? Not many people made it past the splash page, according to my analytics. I had hoped that the twin […]

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Abstract Web Design: The New Website.

Yesterday I launched the new abstract design for my website. Before I go into the approach of the design, I wanted to solicit something a little different from my readers. I need some quotes from anybody and everybody about me. I encourage fiction, as you can tell by looking at my current homepage. I have […]

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The Future: Dot Com & Branding Consulting by WFL

If you've been connected to me for the past few months, you know I've been working on restructuring this business.  I am switching my focus from broad-stroke work to very specialized consulting; working with dot-coms (both old & new), and branding design. During the odd hours I'm away from my newspaper work, I've been working […]

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Re-imagining, and the business

Above you can see a small teaser for my work on re-imagining this website.  This is from the splash page, the inspiration drawn from my work in print media. Why the redesign, you ask?  Well, I'm restructuring my entire business.  Now that I'm working full time again, I no longer need to push contract design […]

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The mistakes I made with the new design.

Web designers make mistakes.  Every new design has some; its not all that uncommon.  I thought it might be prudent to cover some of the mistakes I made with this design; some will be obvious, others, not so much. The first big mistake I made is not designing with mobile in mind first.  This one […]

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Case Study: The ClassicWFL Redesign

Web designers should have striking portfolios.  Ever since my feature in Smashing Magazine, and the innumerable links back from web design inspiration sites, I've tried to explore new means of web design.  Some aren't always visual; breaking content out into new, more manageable ways, developing my own custom CMS, or utilizing jQuery heavily. This design […]

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Case Study: Commissioned T-shirt design

Recently I was contacted by a friend at my college Alma Mater, Hannibal LaGrange College, about designing a t-shirt for the theatrical ministry group “New Edition”. I had done some work for them previously (flyer design for a children’s show for the theater department), but this would be my first paid gig. Understanding that a […]

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