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Category: Editorial

You know you might be a programmer if..

I have been writing a lot of focused articles as of late, and thought to myself.. You know, I obsess a lot about code. I am always thinking about it. Cool things I can craft. Interesting solutions to problems. Ways to do something better. Hell, last night I was laying in bed thinking about how […]

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Medium sucks for your readers. Stop using it.

A controversial post in the web world, but not one that hasn't been said before by others, Medium really does suck for your readers, and you should definitely stop using it. For those of you who don't know, Medium is a blogging platform.. Essentially. It does a little more, but we're talking about it from […]

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Sensitive Hearing and Fireworks

First of all: Happy 4th of July. Second of all, let me tell you about my sensitive hearing, and fireworks being the bane of my existence. I've had slightly weird hearing for a long time now. As a teenager in High School, I had earned the nickname "Human Tuner" given to me by some of […]

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Should you report that weird kid in school?

In 1999, we had the Columbine massacre. The two who committed the atrocity were considered "outsiders". They wore black, listened to music like KMFDM, and played violent video games like "Doom". People blamed the music. They blamed the games. They started pointing fingers anywhere they could. Other kids became suspects, themselves, for sharing similar characteristics. […]

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Internet & Net Neutrality For Dummies

Pretty much everybody is talking about it right now, but there is a lot of misinformation about Net Neutrality. I'd like to talk about what it is, and what the real problem is with it's repeal. Note: I've got credentials. I've got a degree in Computer Information Systems, have worked as a Systems Manager handling […]

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An argument for universal healthcare

I'm sitting here writing this as one of countless pleas from numerous people in the US who desperately need better healthcare. I'm 33 years old; soon to be 34. I've got a great job. I've got health insurance. I also can't afford to go to the ER like I should have. Let me start at […]

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2016: A New Year, New Art by WFL

I've been exploring new territory recently with my Headlines Project, and digital illustrations such as The Many Facets of Easter. I'm taking a break from The Headlines Project this weekend to just relax and think about my art, and where I want to go with it (plus, I ran out of toner for my printer, […]

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Why Should I Redesign My Website?

First, some housekeeping: With work, new projects, and more piling up, WSIW will become a bi-weekly feature. Now, without further ado.. Why should I redesign my website? It's a simple question, and, with a little luck, I'll be able to explain why for a number of scenarios that many of you finding this blog will […]

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On Legislating Love: Conservative Politics And How They Hurt Humanity.

This Memorial Day, I rehearsed my performance piece for the final time before I do the public exhibition of it, and I can't think of a better way to participate in a holiday recognizing those who have fallen in defense of the liberties we hold so dear. I have never served. I doubt I would […]

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How to handle mistakes during a musical performance: It's not always going to sound like jazz.

Instead of a traditional Why Should I Wednesday about the design world, let's talk about music, and how to handle mistakes during a musical performance. The most common advice I've heard to new musicians regarding the subject of making mistakes during a musical performance is that you should never show it in your face; the […]

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