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Category: Editorial

WSIW: Why Should I Advertise Online?

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for another Why Should I Wednesday. Today's question is simple: Why should I advertise online? The ad world has shifted substantially over the years; We've gone from catchy jingles and Burma-Shave, to flashing click-baiting and clever calls to action. Newspapers, TV, and even radio are still relevant, but where […]

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Why Should I Wednesday: Why Should I Learn About Other Cultures?

As I prepare for the first private exhibition of my new performance art this Saturday, I'm finding myself with a little more time on my hands.. So, we finally get another Why Should I Wednesday. Today's topic? Why you should learn about other cultures. While this may not seem to be related to art, I […]

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Why Should I Wednesday: Why Should I Hire An Artist

I apologize for the belated Why Should I Wednesday, but I've been busy working on some new artwork, and a performance piece that'll be exhibited locally. Anyway, without further ado, here's today's Why Should I Wednesday: Why SHOULD you hire an artist? When we, as artists, price out our work, we frequently deal with balking […]

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Why Should I: Buy A High-End Monitor

Welcome to the second Why Should I Wednesday article, where I offer tips to graphic designers and artists of numerous mediums. This week's topic? High-end monitors, and why you should buy one. This one is going to be short and sweet, so put down your sandwich, pause the latest episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix, […]

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Wednesday Why Should I: Why Should I Draw?

Welcome to a brand new feature on this sparsely-updated blog: Why Should I Wednesday! Every Wednesday I'll write something new about common questions designers in a variety of mediums have had through the years. This week's post primarily targets artists in the digital medium, but also covers something photographers should think about: Drawing. So, if […]

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How The Information Age & Social Media Have Failed Us

We live in a world where a massive amount of information is right at our fingertips; first computers, and now cellphones, tablets, and other "smart" devices. The irony is that, though we apply a label of "smart" to these tools, they are hardly conducive to ensuring the growing intelligence of the user. I don't mean […]

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