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Category: The Music Industry

Get Free Music With My New Website

To celebrate the launch of my new website, I'm releasing a new single for you to download, free of charge! While I was recording Government Hold Music, I decided to do a tune for my girlfriend about how we met. "Pretty Lady, Tonight" tells the story about the night we met, and is in an […]

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How to handle mistakes during a musical performance: It's not always going to sound like jazz.

Instead of a traditional Why Should I Wednesday about the design world, let's talk about music, and how to handle mistakes during a musical performance. The most common advice I've heard to new musicians regarding the subject of making mistakes during a musical performance is that you should never show it in your face; the […]

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How to NOT book a band.

Photo credit: Johnny Berg I've played a number of gigs over the years, in a variety of situations. From classical and jazz venues, to the street, I've plied my trade as a musician. It is, of course, something I love doing - I wouldn't do it otherwise - but like many of my fellow musicians, […]

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