Like most of my skills, I got into creating art for myself. I sought to create pieces to decorate my living space with, and found myself with a market for it.

When I began creating traditional media artwork in earnest, I focused on blending both my pen illustration and a newfound interest in watercolors. This has developed into my unique style, which matches the frequently distinct subject matter.

Some of my favorite things to create are animal portraits in unique situations. My favorite piece, Bear Hugs, sold almost as soon as it was exhibited, and helped set me on the path to refining my work, as well as exploring other subjects and techniques.

As a digital artist, I've created both hyper-realistic pieces and unique illustrations that feature a geometric technique I've pursued more than once.

See below to find out how you can commission me for your next piece.

The latest from my library:



Starting price; additional cost depending on size, subject, and materials. Additional cost for delivery. 50% must be paid up-front.

If you enjoy my watercolor and/or pen work, this is where you start! Whether you want a unique portrait of your pet, or something to spark a conversation in your space, I can create artwork to your specifications. Contact me to get started in developing a quote for your custom artwork!

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Starting price; additional cost depending on size and subject. Printing price not included, but can be provided. 50% must be paid up-front.

If you want something interesting to hang up in your home or office, but don't want to be concerned about losing an original piece of work, I'm available for commission to create digital artwork. From digital illustration to photo manipulation, I can create something perfectly matching your desires without exceeding your budget.

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