Creating interesting art with AI

I have been extremely happy creating art lately. Now that daily creation of artwork is accessible to me again I’ve neglected everything except my day job to express a backlog of visions. Hell, I’m supposed to stream a new game tonight for Ghost Gamer News and.. Well, I haven’t even configured it yet to make sure it’ll run well 🙂

Crafting interesting artwork with an AI is something that is extremely therapeutic once you understand how each one works.

The AI doesn’t even have to finish the piece for me. Most of my recent releases have all been modified after generation to some degree.

Gaian Death Priestess – prints available here

The Gaian Warrior Priest/ess series is fairly minimal; some color correction, minor blemish tweaks, and adding the war paint.

Study on Transhumanism: Female Aesthetics, 1 – Prints available here

Study on Transhumanism: Female Aesthetics, 1, on the other hand (pun relevancy incoming), required a fair amount of extra work.. Removing an extraneous forearm and hand, cleaning up the arm it was attached to, and repainting a portion of the face.

Still, the amount of work relative to crafting the entire piece from scratch? Night and day.

I’ve got a massive collection of works ready for publishing, now. Most just require a handful of tweaks, while others are camera-ready right now as-is.

To have this passion again.. I am amazed at how I feel.

I feel joyous.