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Dev Log: Music to code to


Date: 02/16/2019

Almost every programmer has music they like to put on when coding. Typically, this follows certain genres, and tend to have a common style or tempo. We all need music to code to.

Back in college, I did the crunch work to finish up all my C++ coding projects for finals to every Nine Inch Nails song that has a solid tempo. I sat in the student lounge on my sticker-laden laptop loaded with Slackware Linux, running BadWM, typing furiously into VIM running in one terminal window while Trent Reznor’s unique sounds coaxed every single semi-colon it could out of me until I was about to pass out.

Given I attended a private Baptist college, that garnered quite a few stares as I lightly mouthed out the words to “Closer”, the profanity almost in time with my pleading to the goddess of compilers that this time I wouldn’t have any errors showing in the command line.

I rarely get to truly enjoy music while coding at work, because I have to.. you know.. actually interact with my coworkers. We all wear a number of hats in our office. Being the resident code-freak, I’m the guy who helps with CSS and HTML frequently, while I reach out to others to be reminded of processes for various other things we do in the office.

Since I’m preparing to work on a new big project here at home, I decided it was time to prepare a playlist of music to code to, and I wanted to share it with you.

If you’ve got Music Unlimited on Amazon, you’re all set, and can check out my coding music playlist here. This list is continually being developed; I frequently ask Alexa to play music by certain artists, listening for the next tune that brings the energy I need to write my code.

Happy coding!