On Life

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I'm Will Leffert, and this is my story.

I’ve been alive for approximately 35 years as I write this, but it feels like much longer.

I wish to preface the following with a statement: I don’t desire pity. I don’t desire admiration.

What I do desire is, quite simply, collective compassion for humanity.

Have you ever considered what the future would be like? What could come about given enough time, money, and energy?

I used to frequently dream of a world like Star Trek; Where wealth is meaningless, technology is incredible, and health problems are minimal.

A world that shines on, like diamonds in the sky.

Utopia hasn’t arrived yet.

I’ve got a number of health issues, and have since I was a child. The most prominent right now is my arthritis; it has gotten bad enough that I walk with the cane illustrated in my portrait. I actually had to take frequent breaks when illustrating the artwork for this site; rather than do it all in one night, I did it in parts.

I’ve also finally started working towards getting better again.

The decision to delay pursuit of healthcare wasn’t out of stubborn pride, or a fear of doctors - although I do have a less than healthy fear of needles - but money.

Healthcare is expensive.

Exceedingly so, in many cases. Every emergency visit, every specialist’s appointment I’ve had in the past few years has cost me significant amounts of money.

Still, I am tired of hurting. I’m tired of being unable to appreciate the most basic activities in life. So, I am pursing my options.

First, general practitioners. I’ve got a great GP as a primary doctor now; he’s spectacular, and understands me. We’ve tried a number of medications, but with little success. So, he gave me an option: A pain management referral, or a rheumatologist.

I have to make a choice.

I could go with rheumatology, and deal with injections, steroids, tests, and a lot of trial & error that I honestly don’t want to deal with.

Or, I could go with pain management. I can at least find a way to function when my pain is at it’s worst. Plus, some of my other artist friends can be jealous if I got the coveted medical card.. I’ve never smoked pot before, but I’d do anything to feel better.. besides opiates.

This is my story.

This website is, first and foremost, my personal exposition. Every 6-9 months I tell a new story with it, while I share my other, more traditional creative projects. Take a look around and enjoy. Don't forget to read part 1 of my story: The cost of treatment in the US.