Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 416 Scout DMR Review

Hey there Ghosts! Today we have the final DMR review: The 416 Scout. How does it stack up against the rest of the DMRs, especially considering it is a conversion rifle? Let’s find out!

416 Scout Bullet Drop

The 416 Scout has pretty much average bullet drop for a DMR; nothing great, but not the worst, either. Will it work for extreme ranges? You may be able to hit out to 600m, but it won’t be easy, and you’ll be compensating quite a bit for it! Take a look at the chart below for the comparisons.

416 Scout Sound Detection Range

The 416 Scout is nothing special, sitting pretty much in the middle of other DMR conversion rifles; Suppressed, you’ll be detected at 22m. Unsuppressed, like other conversion rifles, you’ll be heard at 149m. This is the one strength of conversion rifles: They have the detection range of ARs.

416 Scout Damage

It took 125 shots to destroy the target vehicle (a Landscape Mk. II); This isn’t unexpected, given it is a conversion rifle, which means it has AR-levels of damage as opposed to DMR-levels. It doesn’t really compare to the AK74 Scout, or 553 Scout, both of which do significantly more damage. Compared to non-conversion rifles, the 416 Scout isn’t even in the ballpark, which means enemies can take multiple body shots before going down, and drones are going to require a significant fire investment in order to be stopped.

416 Scout: Overall Thoughts

I make no secret of the fact that I hate how conversion rifles are handled in Breakpoint; They basically combine the worst parts of DMRs and ARs into a very basic rifle.

Does that mean they are useless? Nah. You can certainly use one as a battle rifle, but would I use it as a dedicated sharpshooting platform? Never. Breakpoint has more than just soft targets; You’ve got to contend with drones, helicopters and heavies with regularity, and you need to squeeze out MUCH more damage than what these rifles offer in most cases. You’re much better off with something like the MK14; You’ve got the option for full auto fire, significantly higher damage, and great range.

Still, it ultimately comes down to what you like. Apparently the 416 Scout is popular, but I can’t imagine why. It really has nothing special going for it (aside from it’s bullet drop aligning relatively well with the ACSS scope, but once again, that doesn’t make it well-suited for long range shooting). I’ll stick with my usual loadout, thanks.