Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 553 Scout DMR Review

Hey there Ghosts! Today we’re taking an in-depth look at the 553 Scout DMR; this is another conversion rifle, so we’re expecting it to be similar to other conversion rifles we’ve tested. Let’s get started!

553 Scout DMR Bullet Drop

The 553 Scout DMR doesn’t exactly have great range; It’s better than the G28 Scout variants, but really, that’s not saying much. It’s lower than the other conversion rifles we’ve tested, too, but I’ll let you take a look at the chart to decide.

553 Scout DMR Sound Detection Range

The 553 Scout DMR, like other conversion rifles, is pretty comparable in unsuppressed detection range at 149 meters. Suppressed, however, it is detected in 27 meters. That’s worse than the G28 DMR.

553 Scout Damage

The 553 Scout is at least on-par with the AK74 Scout, which is better than the G36C Scout. 89 shots to destroy a Landscape Mk. II; not bad for a conversion rifle, not great for a DMR.

553 Scout Overall Thoughts

Really, AR to DMR conversion rifles shouldn’t be compared to other DMRs. They serve a different role. Conversion rifles are best used for anti-personnel only; you’re going to struggle vs. drones because, for whatever reason, conversion rifles don’t get to keep their full auto fire (even though the MK14 has full auto). Burst fire is the best you’re going to do.

It’s a nice rifle. If you want something with low recoil that can work at longer ranges for anti-personnel, sure. Just note that the range sucks compared to the AK74 Scout, so you’ll be compensating a lot for your shots. If you’re looking for a powerful DMR with a good rate of fire, however, look towards the G28, MK14, or the Scorpio Scout (if you’re not rocking a .338 rifle in your other slot).