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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 8 Features I’d Love To See In Breakpoint


Date: 03/01/2020

My previous video I tried to create was pretty much useless; I attempted to craft a video comparing precision shooting in Breakpoint vs. real life, but there are just too many bugs and oddities with how Breakpoint handles range that there really was no point in finishing it. So, we’re instead going to talk about features while we wait for the latest update. So, what would I like to see in Breakpoint? Let’s find out.

  1. Being able to shoot past 600(b)m – I say BM because Breakpoint’s unit of measurement isn’t quite a real meter.. In fact, it’s about half a meter. So, I’m calling it a Breakpoint Meter, or BM for short (pun intended). While we certainly are limited on scope options in the game (that’s a whole ‘nother bullet point), being able to shoot out to even 1000m would be so, so much better.
  2. Following up with that, more and/or functional scopes! Did you know the T5Xi is actually a much different optic in real life? It offers variable zoom, and a much more functional reticle than what is in Breakpoint. Even though we can only shoot out to a max of 600bm, having just 6x zoom be the best available is sad. Not to mention that the reticle is pretty much useless in the way it is intended to be used in real life.
  3. Elevation adjustments on scopes! While we’re getting into territory typically covered by games like Sniper: Ghost Warrior, being able to adjust for elevation would alleviate some of the headaches associated with rifle ranging and lack of useful reticles. Tie this in with the above changes and we’ve finally got decent sniping in Breakpoint!
  4. A more detailed gunsmith – This feature is more requested overall than #1; Everybody misses Wildland’s gunsmith. Being able to toss a long barrel on a rifle, or even additional optics on rifles would be a fantastic feature that would go a long way to making Breakpoint better. Why not go further? Many rifles allow you to chamber them for different calibers, so being able to shoot with a .338 and bumping it up to .50 cal when you finally get the proper receiver and barrel would be pretty sweet.. Not to mention being able to shoot in common precision calibers like 6mm or 6.5mm would be nice, too.
  5. Touching back on #1, a more accurate measurement of distance! When I realized just how far off a BM is compared to a real meter, I was really disappointed. While it makes the map seem larger than it actually is, it also makes extreme range shooting seem a little off. I mean, come on.. 5 meters of bullet drop at 500 meters for a .338? That’s ridiculous.
  6. Getting rid of the gearscore system and rolling weapon boost stats – while I actually talk a lot about rolling the best rifle for the job, I’d rather not even have the option; This would help ensure sniping is more functional as you play through the game, rather than constantly having to range your new rifle to compensate for bullet drop differences with the stats you’ve rolled.
  7. Functional stealth-wear (and being able to purchase specific clothing items rather than just switching cosmetic looks after unlocking) – A ghillie suit may not hide you at 25 BMs, but it does help hide you from the ever-watchful eye in the sky (which is always present in Breakpoint), and being able to add wraps to your rifles, too, is awesome.
  8. Finally, the most obvious request every single player can wish for without reservation.. Fewer bugs! So many bugs are still in the game that have been around since the technical test. The aim state detection regarding interacting with zoom/fire mode switch gets borked in every game session I have; The worst part is it directly affects gameplay, making it impossible for me to climb objects until it switches back. Combine that with bullet drop consistency issues and even problems where occasionally shots will just go insanely wide until I do something to remind Breakpoint that I want bullets to hit closer to the crosshair would go a long way to making Breakpoint much more approachable.