Ghost Recon Breakpoint: AK74 Scout DMR Review

Hey there Ghosts!

Today we’re taking a look at another assault rifle to DMR conversion: The AK74 Scout. Watch the video or read on for details on how this rifle stacks up on bullet drop, sound detection range and damage!

AK74 Scout DMR Bullet Drop

The AK74 Scout DMR is nothing special regarding bullet drop; it’s not as bad as the G28 scout variants, but it’s not as great as other DMRs. See how it stacks up in the chart below.

DMR Bullet Drop Guide

AK74 Scout DMR Sound Detection Range

The AK74 Scout basically matches up to its counterpart, the G36C Scout. Unsuppressed you’ll be detected at 149 meters, while suppressed allows you to get to 15 meters before detection. This is in-line with other assault to DMR conversions.

AK74 Scout DMR Damage

The AK74 Scout’s damage is actually.. surprising. Not enough to compare to dedicated DMR platforms, but better than the G36C Scout in that it took 89 shots to destroy the target vehicle.

AK74 Scout DMR Overall Thoughts

How does the AK74 Scout DMR stack up, then, with these results?

If you’re looking for a DMR that can put a lot of shots down range for anti-personnel sharpshooting, the AK74 Scout performs well in that regard. Like other conversion rifles, however, it just doesn’t have the damage to handle anti-materiel roles, and struggles to take down targets once you’re detected. Still, it is better than others that I’ve tested thus far in a similar class, so that’s something, at least.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for something more multi-role, I’d actually recommend the MK14; as a non-conversion DMR its damage is comparable to the G28, but also has the option of full-auto fire and a better range than the AK74 Scout. With either the digital or dual-range scope it will fare far better than the AK74 Scout unless you are a really, really bad shot and need to conserve ammo.