Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Best ARs for Snipers

Hey there Ghosts! I’ve got some info you’ve all been clamoring for: What is the best AR for snipers? Well, here you go. As much as I hated putting it together (I personally don’t like ARs in sniper roles), I’ve got some details on the best ARs for sniper-style roles.

The numbers: ARs, damage and special things to note

Here’s the stats, in order of most damage to least (putting my preferences higher in a tie setting), along with what makes them better. The number of shots references how many shots it takes to take out a Scenery MK II, rather than my usual Landscape MK II.

  1. Silver Stake Tactical – 49 shots – single/burst fire and nice recoil
  2. ARX200 – 49 shots – full auto, can have the M203 Grenade Launcher
  3. Aug – 57 shots – Great recoil pattern
  4. SC-20k – 57 shots – Can use a real scope, great recoil & ROF
  5. MK17 – 57 shots – Just a classic rifle
  6. M4A1 – 67 shots – Nice recoil, ROF
  7. AK74 – 67 shots – Nothing special to note
  8. VHSD2 – 86 shots – Great recoil & ROF, can equip a bipod

How do these ARs compare to a good DMR?

Well, not near as well. Just looking at damage, the G28 Scout Wolves absolutely owns all of these; It took 19 shots to take out the Scenery MK II, which is more than twice the damage of even the best AR above.

Sure, you have the option of full auto in most cases above, as well as a larger magazine, faster reload times, and occasionally an M203 Grenade Launcher, but honestly, you’d be better off going with the MK 14 Assault if you really need full-auto and a grenade launcher in a DMR-role weapon. Hell, even an AR to DMR conversion rifle would be better than these.

Bonus: How to use an AR as a backup weapon

ARs are still viable, however, as a backup weapon. Which ones would I recommend? Any of them, basically; Just throw on a short barrel to help manage recoil and you’ll be good to go. You can use the TA31H if you like, or a digital scope, and be able to handle mid-range shots easily. I personally enjoy using the M4A1 or the Aug if I need an AR as a backup weapon. Also, if you’re playing in immersive mode (like you should), don’t forget that you can pick up what your enemies drop. If you know things are about to hit the fan in a way where you’d need something that can put more rounds down range, just about any AR will work.