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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Best Consumables for Sharpshooters


Date: 02/23/2020

Hey there Ghosts!

Today’s video talks about consumables, and which matter most to sharpshooters. Like other videos, I’ll provide a breakdown right here as to what I believe are the best consumables in Breakpoint for sharpshooters.

The most useful consumables in Breakpoint for sharpshooters

Sync Shot Drone

The sync shot drone, even after the nerf, is still extremely useful. Get close enough (within 200m) and you can take out the radio operator when they start calling for reinforcements. Got a specific target to take out? Once they are marked (with your sensor launcher), you don’t even have to take the shot yourself. Clear tightly grouped patrols with a single shot. The sync shot drone is the greatest tool you have in your arsenal, hands down.


Mines are fantastic for sharpshooters. Since you’re typically relying on bolt action or single shot weapons, you don’t really have a lot of tools to clear large swaths of enemies at once.. Except for mines. Take out pursuing enemies, defend objectives, and secure your perch easily with these. Even Mk. I mines work well for this.


You may not be getting deep into the fray often, but when you do, you’re much more squishy than the assault class, and much less able to evade than the panther class. When fighting drones, you may find yourself injured.. Syringes occupying both your “health and boost” consumable slots is the best way to ensure you make it.

EMP Grenades

EMP grenades are limited in usefulness, but do serve a great purpose against drones if they get too close. Aamon drones in particular; Pop one of these if they get close enough and you’ll have time to take them out with a couple well-placed armor buster rounds.

Flashbang grenades

While these aren’t that useful overall, I always carry them with me for one mission type: When I have to capture/interrogate a hostile enemy that I can’t just kneecap. Toss it into the room, run up and grab the target. You’ll be all set.

The least useful consumables on Breakpoint for sharpshooters

Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is useful only in rare occasions; as a sharpshooter, you have armor buster rounds that allow you to do a great deal of damage for 3 shots, which is MUCH more useful than rockets, which really don’t do that much damage, honestly, not to mention take time to pull out and fire, plus have no scope to target with.


How often are you going into a base clearing rooms loudly? Not that often, I hope. Grenades are a CQB tool, not a sharpshooter tool. Plus, they have the habit of killing civilians.


Once you get the drone, binoculars are useless. There are no drone jammers on the island, so you’ve got no reason not to use your flying scout.

Water Canteen

Really, I’ve NEVER needed to use this. Ever.

Food Buffs

The buffs on food consumables barely have any real significant effect, and certainly not enough to make any real difference. I’ve tried countless different food buffs, and really.. They never did much of anything. You’re better off using a second syringe than having any food buff loaded in your consumable slots.