Ghost Recon Breakpoint: CQB Sniping Perches

Hey there Ghosts! Today we’re talking about sniping perches when you can’t find a good long-distance perch (instead of good AR pairings for snipers; sorry, maybe next week). CQB sniping is a great way to change things up, even if you have a good perch, so let’s get started! Also, you can check out a previous video I made on the subject here.

Finding a sniping perch in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Finding a good perch can be a challenge even when you’re not assaulting a base that’s got no good long-range options; That’s why, when assaulting bases without a good far-off hill to shoot safely from, you’ve got to get creative. Get close, bust out your drone and start looking around. Ideally, you want to be at the highest point available to give you a good vantage point, but if that point doesn’t give you good line-of-site to your high-value targets, isn’t easily defensible, and doesn’t give you a good exfil option, you’ll need to get creative. When you think you’ve found a spot, plan your entry. Look for the path of least resistance; a perch does you no good if you’ve got to clear half the base to get to it.

What are the best places to snipe from in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

When there isn’t a hill within 500m of the center of a base, or the base is surrounded by trees, you need to get creative. CQB sniping perches that have worked well for me include cranes/gantries (as shown in the video), as well as silos (that farmland area is rife with great silos; land a helo on there and go to town), but some of the most fun you’ll have is when you steal a sniper perch from an enemy sniper.

Large bases will have plenty of options; Look for snipers on top of buildings, rather than the small towers (those are harder to defend if you get spotted). They’ll have cover, and usually only one or two entry options for your enemies. Drop your mines at the base and top of the ladders and you’ll be golden; Once the first mine goes off, you know you’ll need to be prepared to refresh the second mine.

A request for my fellow Ghosts

I need your help tracking down bugs! Take a look at this thread here and start documenting any locations you spot where you’re having a similar issue (be sure to provide a screenshot of both the map location and where you’re aiming). Bugs only get fixed if they are caught, and this one will need some extra attention to catch!