Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Extreme Long Range Shooting Tests

Alright Ghosts, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy working on Ghost Gamer News theme code, so I haven’t had as much time to devote to gaming.

Today, we’re looking at extreme long range shooting. How do you get the longest range shots in the game? What is the rendering distance for enemies? Why are my shots not hitting that vehicle, even though I know I’m aimed right at it?

Well, honestly, it’s probably best if you watch the video for the visual, but I’ll pop a few notes here.

First off: In Breakpoint, enemies disappear around the 530m range typically (sometimes out to 600m, but not always); in many cases, that will also make them impossible to hit, as they won’t be rendered. The bonus to this is that they also won’t be alerted if you miss, so if you just want to do some Kentucky ranging to hit something else, you’ll be fine.

Now, when it comes to vehicles, that’s an entirely different story.

Vehicles may render visually, but they won’t always actually be hit; in fact, they tend to have less viable hit detection range than even standard personnel; You just need to watch the video to see, but it is a little ridiculous. This is also important to note for some objects that aren’t buildings/terrain; I discovered this in the technical test, so it has to only apply to externally modeled objects inserted into the gameworld.

Finally, stationary turrets/mortars/generators are actually rendered AND solid enough to hit out to extreme ranges. In the video, I took a turret out at around 700m, so if you’re looking for a good target to get that “longest range” shot solo, go for it.

How does this differ from Wildlands?

Wildlands has a hard rendering distance of 600m unless you maintained visual on the target as you moved back, or had a buddy holding the target for you. Pretty much the same for everything; vehicles, personnel, whatever, if I remember correctly.

So, in some ways, Breakpoint is worse for snipers than Wildlands.

Disappointing for sure, but hey.. It’s Ubisoft. As far as tactical-themed games go, it at least isn’t the same COD/MW on-the-rails clone.