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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: FRF2 DMR Review


Date: 01/19/2020

Hello Ghosts!

Today we’re covering the FRF2 DMR, talking about the bullet drop, damage, and sound detection range of this much maligned DMR. How does it stack up? Watch the video, or read on to find out.

FRF2 Bullet Drop

The FRF2 has great bullet drop for a DMR; in fact, it is one of the best DMRs in regard to bullet drop. Take a look at the chart below to see the comparison.

FRF2 Sound Detection Range

The FRF2 has a pretty standard detection range when unsuppressed; it’ll be heard at 194 meters or closer. Suppressed, however, triggers detection at 33m; it seems there is some variability in effectiveness of suppressors on DMRs. 33m, however, is nothing special, being beat out by a number of other DMRs, such as the G28.

FRF2 Damage

The FRF2’s second greatest weakness is the damage; 19 shots to destroy a Landscape Mk. II while suppressed. This is slightly better than when it was originally tested months ago, where it took 20 shots, but the results still aren’t great, especially when you take the rate of fire into consideration.

FRF2 Overall Thoughts

The FRF2 is a bad DMR. Seriously. It doesn’t know what it wants to be; is it a full-fledged sniper rifle, or a DMR? The bolt-action slow rate of fire says sniper rifle, but the damage says DMR (and is beat out by gems like the Scorpio Scout in nearly every category except range).

The only reason you should be using this is if you’ve got nothing better to use (such as when you first start the game; I always got this in the prologue during the technical tests & beta). If you’re grinding gear score, I guess you can use it, but.. Ouch. I’d rather stick with just about any other sniper rifle or DMR and sacrifice gear score than use the FRF2.

The range is great, but really, you’d be better off using a TAC-50, just because the FRF2 can’t equip any rail attachments. The recoil is very manageable with it, but with its slow ROF, that really doesn’t even matter much, because if you’ve got to take another follow-up shot, your target has already moved.

That’s.. really it. There isn’t any good reason, in my mind, to actually CHOOSE the FRF2 over anything else (LITERALLY any other sniper rifle or DMR would be better, aside from maybe an AR to DMR conversion rifle).