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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: G28 Scout DMR Review


Date: 01/04/2020

Hey there Ghosts!

Today we’ve got the G28 Scout DMR in the pipe for a review. Like all our other sniper rifle and DMR reviews, we cover bullet drop, damage, and sound detection range.

As a bonus for those visiting my site, here’s some information from the video for those of you who’d rather read!

G28 Scout DMR Bullet Drop

The G28 Scout fairs pretty.. Poorly on bullet drop. It is actually among the worst rifles for bullet drop in general. See the image below to look at the comparsion between the DMRs reviewed thus far.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint DMR Bullet Drop And Damage

G28 Scout Damage

Looking at the above image, you can see that the G28 Scout sits within the average of most rifles; only a few shots more than the G28 to take out a Landscape Mk. II, and under rifles like the Scorpio Scout, Scorpio Scout Quiet and FRF. It matches up with the G28 Scout Wolf during the day (review to come tomorrow). Really, damage is less of an issue unless you’re up against drones, doing body shots, or heavies. As long as you’re undetected and have a decent gear score relative to your target, you’ll be fine.

G28 Scout Sound Detection

The G28 Scout’s noise levels are a little surprising; while unsuppressed you have to be within 194m like the G28, but suppressed you’ll be detected within 28 meters; that’s worse than the G28, which was 21 meters suppressed. You’d think a scout DMR would have a lower noise profile suppressed, but apparently not. This makes its usefulness in silent infiltration somewhat limited; If you’re clearing a building, you’re better off with an SMG or pistol regardless, but still.

Overall thoughts on the G28 Scout

My general feeling is.. “Eh”. It’s got the potential to be used as a slightly more powerful AR, but really, just doesn’t have the versatility. It shoots well enough at about 300m, so about the only real use for it is if you’re looking for something easily moved with that can do 300m or less shots comfortably. The detection profile sucks, though.