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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: G28 Scout Wolves Review


Date: 01/05/2020

Hey there Ghosts!

Today we’ve got a full review of the G28 Scout Wolves DMR. As usual, we cover bullet drop, sound detection and damage, but today we’re also talking about it’s bonus at night feature, and what that means. So, let’s get started!

G28 Scout Wolves Bullet Drop

As you can see from the DMR bullet drop chart below (recently updated), you’ll notice that it’s not any different from the G28 Scout, really. In all honesty, you’re not going to be using this rifle for long range stuff; stick to within 300m and you’ll be fine.

G28 Scout Wolves Sound Detection

The G28 Scout Wolves isn’t very special on sound detection, either. Standard 194m detection range for unsuppressed, but surprisingly, you actually have 1 meter less play suppressed (rather than the 28m detection range of the G28 Scout, this one requires you to be out to 29m). Not great; you’d expect the scout variants to have less detection range, but apparently that’s not the case here, especially in the Wolves variant.

G28 Scout Wolves Damage

During the daytime the G28 Scout Wolves plays just like the G28 Scout; same damage profile (31 shots to destroy a Landscape Mk. II). Note that I said daytime; what about the bonuses you get? Let’s talk about that.

G28 Scout Wolves Night Bonus and Overall Thoughts

The night-time bonus boosts a few stats, including damage.. But really, the boost is just barely useful at all. See the comparison between the two below.

Basically, rather than taking 31 shots to destroy the target vehicle, it takes 28. This is.. Disappointing. Not even a 10% damage boost. The other stat increases (accuracy, mobility and handling) are all equally minimal, and just not worth it in my opinion, since it denies you the ability to roll up a G28 with boosts (such as increased range, reload speed, damage to drones, etc).

The G28 Scout Wolves is a poor alternative to the G28 Scout, now that it is in the game. Actually, its a poor alternative to even the G28 rifle itself. At least with the G28 you can roll up a higher range stat and use it for long & short range; not to mention suppressed detection on a regular G28 happens within 21 meters, as opposed to 29, and has the same damage ability as the Scout Wolves at night.

Seriously, don’t waste your time unless you just like the way it looks. While it’s a nimble DMR, it’s just not worth it based on practical application of stats.