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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Immersive Mode Sniper Loadout


Date: 04/04/2020

Hey there Ghosts! Today we’re covering what I consider an ideal loadout for immersive mode as a sniper. We’re focused purely on guns this time; we’ll talk about classes and perks later on in future videos!

What sniper rifle should I carry in immersive mode?

The fun answer to that is: None, in my opinion! Instead, you should rock the Scorpio Scout DMR; ditching Rolling Thunder for an additional stealth perk (will talk more about that in another video) means that the Scorpio Scout and the Tac-50 have approximately the same damage, but the Scorpio Scout has a higher RoF. That means more follow up shots, and more rounds into hard targets.

Want to learn more about the Scorpio Scout? Check out the review I did of it!

What about a secondary weapon?

A big thing to keep in mind with the changes in Immersive Mode is that you’re no longer rolling weapon boosts; that means you can rock just about anything you really like, including the unique weapons with sometimes less than useful bonuses that would prevent you from rolling better ones.

In my case, I’m currently making good use of the G28 Scout Wolves; I’ll admit, part of it is because it looks cool, but the G28 Scout itself is just fantastic when used as a battle rifle. The damage difference is negligible vs. the regular G28, and if you’re using it sub-200m, the range doesn’t matter much, either! You can see I have no problems with it in the above video. It handles great; the only real negative in this role is it’s detection range is pretty large when suppressed, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Alternatively, you can certainly rock an AR, too; with short barrel options now available, you could rock the MK 17, the ARX, or even the AUG (which you’ll see has a GREAT recoil pattern with a short barrel). Since you can’t load a dual-range scope on ARs, I usually opt for the digital scope for a little versatility.

Ultimately, though, whatever weapon you should choose is that which suits your gameplay style and feels “right” for you. If you’re more comfortable with the TAC 50/HTI, or would rather make use of an SMG as a backup, go right ahead!