Ghost Recon Breakpoint: MK 14 Assault DMR Review

Hey there Ghosts! I know I said I was done with sniper rifle & DMR reviews, but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to cover everything I could for you!

First, a quick note: The TAC 50 Brown and the HTI Survival variants have little to no differences; the TAC 50 Brown reloads slightly quicker, but otherwise, they are the same as their non-MTX counterparts.

Anyway, enough of that. We’re here to talk about an MTX weapon that DOES have differences; so, let’s dig in, shall we, into the MK 14 Assault DMR!

MK 14 Assault DMR Bullet Drop

As you can see in the chart below, the MK 14 Assault DMR has comparable drop to the regular MK 14; it’s range stat is just slightly higher, but not by much.

MK 14 Assault DMR Sound Detection Range

Really, this isn’t anything special either. You’ll be heard within 196m unsuppressed, and 28m suppressed. While I’d love for DMRs to have a much lower sound profile than a sniper rifle, it’s not that big of a deal.

MK 14 Assault DMR Damage

Here’s where things start to get interesting; the MK 14 Assault took 26 shots to take out the target vehicle, while the regular MK 14 takes 31. That’s not a lot, but it’s definitely enough to give you reason to use this over the regular MK 14. I actually did some gameplay with it after doing all my tests, and found that, thanks to the full auto capabilities, it’s actually ridiculously easy to take out helicopters with this thing, but that leads me into the next unique point for the MK 14 Assault..

MK 14 Assault DMR Overall Thoughts

There are 2 exceptionally unique aspects to the MK 14 Assault outside of its cosmetics and damage. First, it can’t equip a traditional scope. No dual range scope, let alone a T5XI, for you! As of writing this, the best you can use is the digital scope, but with any luck the new update will let us put the TA31H on it, which has a much more usable reticle.

Second, and most importantly.. You can equip an underbarrel grenade launcher on this beast.

That’s right. They went full battle rifle on this sucker, making it strong competitor to those who might choose to use the MK 17 Assault Rifle instead just for that one simple addition (although I really want a DMR conversion of the MK 17 still).

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to empty grenades at drones on the ground, and then pop anybody who came to investigate.

This isn’t some unique rifle where you can’t roll stats, either; You can roll one with boosts just like any normal rifle blueprint. I recommend going with accuracy and handling to offset sway from using the underbarrel grenade launcher. That’s what I’m running on it now, and it has replaced my ever-reliable G28 for my backup weapon when playing the sharpshooter class.