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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: MK 14 Termination Review


Date: 02/02/2020

Hey there Ghosts! Today we’ve got a special review for you: The MK 14 Termination DMR. Like all our previous reviews, we’re going to be covering bullet drop, sound detection range and damage of this unique event-reward DMR. Without dragging this out, let’s get started with bullet drop.

MK 14 Termination Bullet Drop

DMR Bullet Drop and Damage Chart

As you can see from the chart above, the MK 14 Termination is not a bad rifle in regards to bullet drop, which is good, because it doesn’t offer any way to boost it. It actually is pretty much in-line with the MK 14 fully kitted out (minus bipod, of course).

MK 14 Termination Sound Detection Range

Like other DMRs, the MK 14 Termination is detected at around the 195m range unsuppressed; suppressed isn’t an option, in this case, but really, with the limited use of this rifle that’s OK.

MK 14 Termination Damage

The MK 14 Termination has an average damage score, with 24 shots being required to destroy a Landscape MK II; better than the G28 rifles, but worse than the Scorpio Scout. Damage vs. vehicles and infantry is really secondary, however, to its primary purpose: Blowing up drones and T-800s.

In that situation, the MK 14 Termination excels. Fully upgraded, it gets a significant boost to damage to drones, making it quite the beast should you need to blast the crap out of a drone.

MK 14 Termination Overall Thoughts

The MK 14 Termination is a niche rifle; while it has good range and OK damage, it isn’t acceptable to be carried as a primary/secondary rifle. That’s perfectly OK, however, as this rifle is designed to just blow up drones.

You only have 2 options for attachments: Optics (either a red-dot style or a scope with average zoom) and muzzle (a compensator). No suppressors, bipods or rail attachments can be equipped on this rifle, further limiting its use. Really, though, you don’t need anything else to make this rifle perfectly usable.

If you need to blow up drones and don’t care about being loud, this is a great rifle. Seriously. Its ROF is fantastic, recoil is manageable, and is an absolute requirement to blow up T-800s (it is literally the only weapon that can damage their core, destroying them for good).

Honestly, this is less of a DMR and more of a battle rifle (like the real-life MK 14). Don’t waste your time using it against soft targets or vehicles; if you want a hard-hitting DMR, get the Scorpio Scout. If you want a fast ROF DMR with good overall stats, use the G28 or the MK 14 itself. If you want to just blow up drones, this is your rifle.

Keep one in your inventory and you’ll be set; don’t bother equipping it 24/7 unless you’re only using one primary weapon.