Ghost Recon Breakpoint: MK14 DMR Review

Hey there Ghosts! It’s time for another weapon review, and this time, we’re taking a look at the MK 14 DMR. As always, we check it’s bullet drop, sound detection, and damage. With that out of the way, let’s get started with the important bits should you not care to watch the video!

MK14 Bullet Drop

The MK14 isn’t bad in regards to bullet drop; it’s actually pretty decent when you look at the chart below. There really isn’t a lot to write home about, but the fact that you’ve got a weapon that can go full auto and still have fantastic bullet drop PLUS plenty of scope options makes it a potential win. The only complaint I have is that it isn’t near as great as it was in Wildlands in regards to how the bullet drop matched up with the G28 scope.

DMR Bullet Drop Chart

MK14 Sound Detection Range

The MK14 isn’t too dissimilar from other DMRs in regards to unsuppressed detection range; you’ll be heard at 194 meters. Suppressed, however, is a different story. For whatever reason, the MK14 has worst suppressed detection range out of all the rifles I’ve tested in this area. If you’re within 34 meters, you will be heard. This is disappointing; in Wildlands, this was THE RIFLE, in my opinion, for Ghost Mode. You could handle almost anything with it, and worked well both close up and at range. Anyway, let’s move on to damage.

MK14 Damage

Apparently I was off on the original bullet drop chart; With all the rifles I reviewed, I’m not surprised! The MK14 takes 31 shots to blow up a Landscape MK II while suppressed. This is comparable to the G28 and other “Battle Rifle” style DMRs. Nothing special here, folks.

MK14 DMR: Final Thoughts

The MK14 DMR isn’t as great as it was in Wildlands thanks to the scope mechanic changes in Breakpoint, but it isn’t a bad DMR. The fact that it has pretty decent bullet drop and can fire at full auto (with DMR-level damage) makes it pretty powerful. The sound detection is a negative, but you’re probably not choosing the MK14 to use as a stealth CQB weapon, regardless.

If you like the G28, you can easily use the MK14 as an alternative DMR. It is especially useful if you’re used to going loud and need to get lots of rounds in closer quarters when it hits the fan. While the magazine is limited to 15 rounds, you’re still getting that DMR damage level with each shot, so the value is definitely there; Compared to an AR, you’ll more than likely get more damage per mag, and it’s great for stitching up a group of enemies rushing your position.