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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: No HUD/Immersive Gameplay Sniper Guide


Date: 03/21/2020

Hey there Ghosts!

With TU 2.0.0 and Immersive Mode just around the corner, I wanted to give you a nice and simple guide to playing a sniper role without a HUD for Immersive Mode. Watch the video if you’d like a direct walkthrough of each aspect of gameplay and why, or read on for general tips!

No HUD/Immersive Mode: Gear & Weapons

For a sharpshooter, I actually recommend you change things up a bit. Everybody knows I love the TAC-50, but the Scorpio Scout (a favorite to use with the Panther class) is actually exceptionally useful when you don’t have a HUD. Why? Quick follow up shots. DPS wise, you’re actually doing MORE damage even though you’re taking 2 shots. Most enemies (not alerted) still go down in 1 shot, so it is definitely worth thinking about.

Also, whatever you use for up-close & personal or “oh shit” moments, make sure you can either load the dual range or digital scope on it. I personally recommend (in order) the MK 14 Assault, the MK 14, the G28, or the MK 17 (if you want an AR). Basically, anything that has high damage paired with a good RoF.

Finally, most of the gear won’t change from previous recommendations, but sync shot drones and mines are critical (watch the video to see how I set up my perch). Also, you’ll finally have a use for something else you rarely actually need..

Immersive Mode: Binoculars are your friend!

If you’ve got enemy markers disabled, you’ll need a good way to get the range to target. Binoculars have a built-in rangefinder, so go nuts and make good use of them! Seriously; when you find a good perch, get the ranges to various locations you’ll be shooting at so you have a general idea how much to compensate for bullet drop.

Learn to recognize enemies based on their attire

Without enemy markers, you’ll have no idea if you’re about to shoot a regular grunt or a radio operator if you don’t know what to look for. Some nice people over at the Ghost Recon subreddit made a handy guide here.

Get a good headset/headphones

Seriously. Being able to hear the drones coming, choppers flying in, or enemies chattering away will be incredibly useful. You won’t be able to watch the little markers move around, and you won’t get an alert if you’re spotted, so being able to hear what is going on is critical!

Finally.. Take your time!

It’s critical that you be patient when playing without a HUD. Running in guns-a-blazing won’t do you much good; you’ll have a hard time keeping track of enemies as they potentially creep up on you, so watch patrol routes, plan multiple shots ahead when you’re taking out a group, and if you don’t have a good shot while things are quiet.. Don’t take it.