Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle Review

Hey there Ghosts!

It has been a while since we’ve had a new rifle to review; today we’re taking a look at the Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle that is part of the Resistance! Live event. How does it stack up? Watch the video or read on to find out!

Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop

The Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle, when compared to both DMRs and Snipers, is average. When compared to just snipers, however, it’s actually pretty abysmal. Just take a look at the chart below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Sniper Rifle Bullet Drop and Damage Chart

Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle Sound Detection Range

Ok, I’ll admit it.. I half-assed this test. Why? Because this rifle just doesn’t perform well here, either. The shots get detected around the 32m range; for a rifle designed purely for stealth (with no option to remove the suppressor), that’s just not good at all. Even the M82, which is a big ole’ beast of a rifle, performs better at 23m suppressed.

Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle Damage

The Paladin 9’s only “decent” score, really, is in damage. It took 10 shots to destroy a Landscape Mk. II (with Rolling Thunder active), which puts it on par with the Scorpio.

Paladin 9 Sniper Rifle: Overall Thoughts

In case you can’t tell already, I don’t think much of this rifle.

You can’t change it’s attachments aside from the optics. The unique optic it comes with isn’t that great. You only get 5 rounds in a magazine. The rate of fire is poor. Based on a quick look, the bullet drop isn’t going to line up with any reticles on existing optics (if it did, it’d at least give it one leg up over the Recon A1 given its damage).

It looks cool. That’s something, I suppose. Beyond that, don’t waste your time here. You’re way better off with the TAC-50, HTI, M82, well.. Just about any rifle.

In fact, it’s almost exactly like the Scorpio stats-wise. Go with the Scorpio so you can at least change out parts.