Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Solo Sniper With One Primary Weapon Guide

Hey there Ghosts!

Today we’re taking a look at a style of gameplay in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that garners a lot of conflicting opinions; Is it realistic for a soldier to carry 2 long rifles?

The short answer is this: Yes.

Still, some snipers will only carry the one rifle, so I wanted to give this style of playthrough a shot. Sure, those snipers will also have a spotter who typically carries another rifle more suited for backup, but I’m a solo player. Let’s see how practical this is, shall we?

What is the best rifle for a solo sniper with one primary weapon?

You all know I love the Scorpio Scout; high damage and a great ROF make this my go-to in immersive mode just so I can take quick follow-up shots to avoid getting ambushed at my hide. In the video, I pretty much clear an entire base just using this one rifle and the dual range scope; I take my pistol out at one point, but never actually used it. The detection range of the Scorpio Scout is great suppressed, so you can rely on it in closer quarters when necessary.

Still, there are caveats. You have to take into consideration what you’ll be doing in the mission; Are you going to primarily be shooting from afar? Will you need to defend a position or an asset from waves of enemies? Will drones have close-quarters access to you? Depending on the circumstances, you may want to switch to a semi-auto DMR such as the G28, or even consider the MK 14 for full-auto capability. Even then, you may find yourself needing to switch to an AR; thankfully, you can loot one off the copious corpses you’ll leave behind should it become a necessity. The Aug, which is carried by a number of Sentinel soldiers, is actually exceptionally great to use due to it’s range and recoil pattern.

Should you use the sharpshooter class for immersive mode with one primary weapon?

Yes! The sharpshooter class has one key thing if you are choosing to rely on a DMR or sniper rifle as your one weapon: A boost to reload speed. This seriously is critical, because when you reload, you NEED to reload quickly. A 10% boost may not seem like a lot, but it really helps, especially if you kit out your rifle with other boosts to reload speed.

Sure, the Panther has boosts to stealth, but you’re going to basically leave behind some of the bonuses of the Panther in that you won’t be carrying an SMG at all. The sniper’s reload bonus, sensor launcher and armor buster are all going to be hugely beneficial if you’re rocking a DMR/sniper rifle as your sole weapon. The sensor launcher, in particular, helps you find those dug-in enemies that are so much nuisance. Even if you’re not carrying a DMR/sniper rifle as your only weapon, it really does work out well to play the sharpshooter class in immersive mode.

What AR alternatives do you recommend for sharpshooters?

That’s coming next week! Of course, the Aug is exceptionally useful, but there are a lot of options available that I’ll be exploring. Stay tuned!