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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The Full Sniper Guide (Bullet drop, ranging & more)


Date: 09/29/2019

**UPDATE: More ranging testing has been done with attachments, including a bug with the bipod; watch the video here, or keep reading and watch it in the page**

As I wait anxiously for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to become available (Tuesday for me thanks to my rare choice to pre-order, although I’ll be waiting until I get off work), I can only think about my character design and plans so much before I start losing my sanity. So, I’m going to share some information for those of you like me who enjoy playing sniper/sharpshooter roles.

Last night I produced a video after finally finding a good spot to range out sniper rifles and DMRs. It’s nearly 40 minutes of pure, unadulterated love for long range strategy. If you’re not a fan of reading, you can watch the video below, or watch it on YouTube (with a series of time links for various sections in the description).

For those of you who would like to read about the nitty gritty details covered, I’ve got you, friend.

What has an effect on bullet drop in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Ah, bullet drop. Any good military-themed game has it. Breakpoint most definitely does, but what affects it?

Firstly, for once, skills do matter here. Well, skill, I should say. The Ballistic Advantage skill is absolutely critical. Without it, you’re pretty much relegated to 200-300m or less shots, and will have significant bullet drop to deal with (especially if you’re using a DMR). It’ll cost you 6 skill points to get (1 to unlock the Sharpshooter tree, 2 each in a couple sections you need to unlock before you get to the “Sniper” section, and one for the skill itself), but it should absolutely be your first goal.

Second, the range on your rifle. That’s right. Stats no longer lie! You can get a good idea of the bullet drop just by looking at the range bar on your choice of rifle. Of course, just because it is maxed doesn’t mean it’s actually maxed; you can go beyond what is displayed to reduce bullet drop further, which brings us to the final thing that impacts bullet drop..

..Armor Buster, the Sharpshooter technique, will HALVE your bullet drop when activated. Even if it’s maxed out. You’ll also see it reflected in the stats of your rifle when activated, which is pretty cool. A TAC-50 will have negligible bullet drop out to 500m with this active, so if you’ve got a really challenging long-range shot, make use of it!

Update: Also, attachments do, in fact, affect bullet drop. Watch the video for details:


Where can I range my rifle in Breakpoint?

This is an easy one; just find the Dead Horse Swamp, and head south. You’ll find a couple nice little buildings next to a lake/pond with a train bridge running over it. You’ll aim for the west-most building, and be shooting from the other side of the pond. You can easily range from 250m to 500m in that area. See the video here for more information.

What about the rifles? Which is the best sniper rifle in Breakpoint?

Well, this is tough. Honestly, its all about personal preference. I think most will agree that the TAC-50 is probably the best long-range rifle we’ve been able to mess with thus far, but that doesn’t mean it is the absolute best. Who knows what’ll come out when the game is released and they start piling on the DLC content. The TAC-50 has great damage, a decent ROF, and the best range out of everything I was able to test in the beta. Does that make it the best? No. It’s all about personal taste and style. Remember, I personally love the MK14 in Wildlands, even though it is a DMR.

That’s all you’re going to get for now. Go watch the video, and get ready for the game. I plan on covering attachments (something I glossed over in the betas), as many weapons as I can, and then will focus on strategy, so keep an eye out for more content!