Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Upcoming TU 2.0 Thoughts

Hey there Ghosts! Today you can watch me shoot and scout in Breakpoint while I talk about what TU 2.0 means to me. Don’t want to watch the video? Read on below for some of my thoughts!

The big add: Ghost Mode in Breakpoint

Ghost mode was probably one of the best additions to Wildlands, and the new “Immersive Mode” in Breakpoint is an upgrade of that. Not only do you have a more traditional Ghost Mode (minus permadeath, thankfully), but you also have the option to do a custom experience, where you can turn off features related to Immersive Mode.

I. Love. This. Sometimes you may want just a slightly more challenging experience. I’m going to launch a new character and do the full immersive mode at start, but being able to turn off things that are harming my enjoyment of the experience is fantastic.

Changing Barrels on ARs in Breakpoint

While it’s not the full level of customization available in Wildlands, the ability to throw a short barrel on an AR is definitely welcome for those of you who like to rock an AR as a secondary weapon. While they just talked about short and long barrels, my hope is that, if not at launch, but soon we’ll be able to switch between short/regular/long (making our own DMR conversions of ARs – MK 17 as a DMR, anybody?) barrels.

The TA31H is back, baby!

The TA31H in Breakpoint had limited use; it could only be applied to LMGs, maybe a couple ARs, and DMRs/Sniper Rifles. Now, however, nearly all ARs will FINALLY be able to equip it, making ARs even more viable for mid-long range engagements. Sure, we’ve got the digital scope with variable zoom, but the reticle on it is difficult to make good use of in brighter environments.

Bugfixes in Breakpoint

It wouldn’t be a Breakpoint update without a large amount of bugfixes, and hopefully we’ll see plenty of them here.

You can read the full update on Immersive Mode here, and the dev update here.