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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost mode, rifle sighting, and more over 2 years later

July 15, 2019Will Leffert

When I picked up Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I didn't expect it to become a mainstay game for me. Very few of them do; Skyrim (plus Oblivion and Morrowind), Fallout 4 (and 3/New Vegas before that), AC: Odyssey, and Asheron's Call. That's about it, honestly.

Games that capture my interest get an extra level of dedication. I plan out ways to play. I do the math. I figure out fun things to do in game.

That's why, when I'm not coding, sleeping, or reading, I'm playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I'm not JUST playing, though.

I've taken the time to sight in rifles with various scopes. Did you know that the MK14, with long barrel & rangefinder, lines up nearly perfectly with the G28 scope's mil dots when you've got the max skills?

MK14 with G28 Scope Mil Dots

I've also plotted out a number of rifles on the digital scope; here's the MK17 & digital scope (with long barrel and rangefinder) below.

I do this to get the most out of the game. Playing a medium to long-range character is a what this game was made for. Not that you can't go in with a CQB mindset in this game, but there are times where you'll just end up in a heavy firefight for trying.

Especially if you're playing in Ghost mode.

Ghost mode was added later on; it adds a number of restrictions to the game, including permadeath, reloads losing you those half-empty mags, and the big reason I spent a lot of time sighting in rifles with scopes..

Just a single primary weapon.

At first, I considered the MK17; it actually serves well as a DMR, but is pretty limited on range. 500m+ shots are a real challenge. Plus, attaining it early in-game is difficult, too.

The MK14, however, ended up being spectacular to use, as well as attain with little difficulty (including all the accessories I needed for it).

The only drawbacks to using the MK14? Severely limited ammo (especially early on), and no real anti-vehicle strengths. I've gotten used to carrying an anti-material rifle in my playthroughs, and there aren't any that really work well for a multi-role rifle (well, the BFG can if you use over-the-shoulder aiming). You could use an AR, however, if you can deal with the bullet drop and limited range. The MK17 and the M203 grenade launcher work great for that; if you want even better bullet drop, grab the AUG.

Still, I'm all about a challenge. I do plan on grabbing the MK17 later on in game, just so I have something I can use for larger bases.