Glitch: The new open-source theme for

Welcome to a new year, and a new website.

As my regular visitors know, I redesign my website approximately every 6 months. For the past few years, I’ve utilized builder systems to save time; this has included X (and later Pro) with Cornerstone as well as Oxygen.

Today, however, we’re switching away to something fully coded, eliminating the need for a builder system.

Glitch is designed with a brutalist mindset. It isn’t “pretty”, but it isn’t supposed to be. It focuses in many ways on just getting the content out there, but I also wanted to build it with a bit of chaos, as well as geekery (hence the BASH shell styling for the navigation and page headings).

That’s really all I care to share on the art direction; instead, I’d like to focus a bit on the code itself.

Glitch is open source.

You read that right: The entire theme is open source. I wanted to open source the entire theme so you could look at my implementations and potentially reuse code I’ve crafted. The github repo for Glitch has more info on that front.

I also opted to utilize Gutenberg for some content pages for once, given that some pages (such as my about page) never change as far as layout goes, but I wanted to ensure the content was easily managed should I feel like updating it.

I’ve also added video content.

I’ve been producing regular video content for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and thought it was high-time I finally implemented video post functionality in this site.

Rather than go with yet another custom post type, I instead opted to go ahead and use the default WP post type with a custom field for videos; this gives me the option to pair content much easier in the future when doing new videos on a variety of subjects.

Keep an eye out for additional videos in the future, and not just related to gaming!

That’s all I’ve got friends. Take a look and check out the new content, and enjoy 2020.