Glitch Theme: Version 1.0.1 out

Just a quick update to let readers know that the 1.0.1 version of Glitch is now out, and is also updated on the Glitch theme Github.

Version 1.0.1 just adds search functionality (available in the navigation). Should’ve released with it, but I never used the search functionality in previous sites. Really should now given the rather insane amount of content I have, especially relating to a certain video game (<cough>Ghost Recon Breakpoint</cough>).

In case you’re wondering, the terminal commands shown for the search are based on an older method in Linux/BASH; I wanted to make sure that grep was in there, as well as having the actual search terms at the end of the line.

Ironically enough, I don’t recall ever piping find & grep together; I usually would either just do a find knowing part of the filename, or grep a bunch of files (or, more commonly, grepping output of something else NOT find).

I guess I’m just that organized. Not really.

Anyway, enjoy.