Happy Birthday & Pride Month to me!

So, I happen to celebrate my birthday during Pride month.

That makes me stupid happy.

Today I had a really, really good day.

I got up, went to a coffee shop to make some code fixes to this site and GGN and sipped on a free birthday drink (although I think I just discovered something else I need to fix, ugh).

I talked to a fellow LGBTQ+ banner-living UX designer who loves accessibility in design.

I went to the range and fired off a few hundred rounds while enjoying peace and solitude.

I did early voting for the Illinois primary.

I ate steak for the first time in years (thanks to my TMJ flares being much more minimal now that I no longer smoke).

And I put together this stupid little video because, upon reviewing my range footage, I saw a sequence of shots that made me think of the sequence of stings in the opening theme of Cowboy Bebop.

So.. Yeah.

Happy Pride month to all my fellows in and out of the closet.. Including you Log Cabin Republicans. Here’s hoping you can help change the Republican party for the better. If not, you’ll always be welcome over here on the crazy liberal side. We have cake.