How AI-generated art makes creativity accessible

I myself have been an artist for a decent amount of time. I’ve worked in watercolors, pen & paper, digital illustration and painting, photography, photo-manipulation, and even conceptual performance art.

I’m also becoming more and more physically limited. Sitting hunched over my drafting table, gripping my favorite pens, holding my camera in awkward positions and more are all much more challenging than they were previously.

That’s why I think AI-generated art is also accessible artistry.

It allows people to take an idea they have in their head and attempt to describe it to an AI, crafting something interesting with pure imagination (and the ability to give good prompts to the AI).. Sometimes even creating something more unique than the imagination itself.

I myself plan on exploring this further. The piece in the header of this article was generated using Nightcafe’s generator, and isn’t too far off from what I expected with my prompt, having played with AI generators here and there before. Additionally, given my passion for photo manipulation, I can utilize AI-prompted pieces as part of a larger whole.

So, for those of you thinking AI-generated art will make “real” artists obsolete.. No. Instead, this will bring creativity to more people who were previously physically incapable of it, and that is a beautiful thing.