Important tips for working from home

We live in exciting times, my friends. Working from home isn’t impossible; in fact, for some industries, it is a thriving situation to be in. With fewer interruptions, and a work space that you control, you can get more done with less stress.

Working from home does take some preparation, however. I’ve worked from home a few times; For a startup, freelance, and when on call, besides my current gig for a digital agency. If you don’t do it right, you’ll end up costing yourself time, sanity, and whatever social life you may have.

When working from home, keep these things in mind.

Keep a schedule & routine when working from home

While you may be able to set your own hours, and like the idea of working in your underwear, I strongly encourage you to maintain some semblance of a routine, and follow a schedule, in order to ensure you get the most out of your work and downtime.

Every morning I get up, brush my teeth, clean myself up and put on decent clothing. I don’t get dressed up, but I also don’t wear PJs to my desk. I then go into my home office at 7 AM and start the work day, only stepping away for a break like I would in an office. I take my lunch at around the same time when possible, and try to cut myself off the job at the same time (within reason) each day.

That last part is critical for those of you who love to work like I do; If you don’t stop working, you end up burning yourself out before the week is done in some cases. I’ve done it before, and you can only maintain it for so long before you start to sacrifice more than you realize.

Ensure your home office is conducive to working from home

Having a place where you can shut your door to tune out excess distractions is critical. Working from the couch in front of the TV may seem like a great idea, but your employer probably won’t like it, and your work can, and probably will, suffer.

My office is literally a work space. If I’m in there, I’m working. Of course, your home office can pull double-duty for whatever special projects/side hustles you’ve got going on, but only if they don’t interfere with your main gig.

Finally, when working from home, don’t forget to socialize

People can suck. A lot. Working from home may seem like a dream; getting away from gossipy coworkers, avoiding the sights and smells of your fellow humans as they mill about your work space and more make working from home an ideal situation (especially if you’re like me and have sensory issues).

Its still important to interact with people at some level, though. Being able to chat with your coworkers is great, but also interacting with regular people outside of work is an important part of maintaining yourself. As much as you may hate interacting with people, you should still practice every so often, just so you don’t end up being more of a weirdo than people might traditionally describe you (don’t worry, I don’t judge – I’m exceptionally weird).

Hopefully these tips will help you figure out a good work from home strategy.