It’s Black Friday. Let’s talk about the best small businesses I love.

I wanted to take a moment to share a few small businesses who deserve your attention. Each of these are ones I have personally spent my money at, and they are all quality establishments for their niche.

Second String Music, Quincy IL

Second String Music has been a great supporter of the local music scene here in Quincy, IL. They price match online stores and offer regular deals, but that’s not the sole reason you should patronize them.

Sheryl and Rodney, the owners, are fantastic, helpful people who will go out of their way to make sure you get what you want and need, and they won’t BS you one bit. Seriously. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years; I may not have spent tons of money with them, but I always consider them first when I’m in the market for music equipment, because I know I’m getting exactly what I want from them.

Check out Second String Music. They not only sell instruments and equipment, but also do school instrument rentals, lessons, and more.

Potter & Vaughn, Quincy IL

If you want something amusing, interesting, or both, you need to stop by Potter & Vaughn Gift Shop. They’ve got an assortment of great items that make amazing stocking stuffers, additions to your desk at your office, and more. Their Facebook description nails it:

We call it the Fun Shop for a reason – laughs abound! From snarky socks, oven mitts and witty dishtowels to funny cards, magnets and mugs, our selection is irreverent and guaranteed to get a smile.

Check out Potter & Vaughn. The owner is also a good friend, and worth a conversation if you’re looking for a good giggle, not to mention being a great supporter of the arts scene!

Quincy Appliance, Quincy IL

If you’re in the market for something more practical, like a washing machine, you won’t get better service than at Quincy Appliance. Sure, you might find it cheaper elsewhere, but you won’t get the honesty or service you do from the fine folks at Quincy Appliance. Seriously. Who else is going to say, “You can buy this one, because it’s literally just a rebrand of X at a lower price”?

Check out Quincy Appliance.

Thyme Square, Quincy IL

We all enjoy good food. Thyme Square has been a favorite of mine for years; I have NEVER had a bad meal there. Ever. That’s saying something. With restaurants coming and going constantly, Thyme Square has been a fixture in the district for quite a while now, and I’ll never stop loving them.

..In fact, I think I need to go there for brunch tomorrow probably.

Check out Thyme Square and get some amazing food.

New Stylish

I don’t typically shop at places like this online, but I’ve bought multiple items (rebuilding my cyberpunk/rivethead wardrobe) from them and am exceptionally pleased at the quality of everything I’ve gotten. Sure, it takes a while to ship, but you’re getting some really great, unique clothing for a good price. Just be on the lookout for fakes; Their ARE crappy shops out there that rip off their designs, so always order from the original.

Check out New Stylish.