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I've been a busker. Composer. Studio & Live musician. With 13 records behind me, I'm always doing more.

My Latest Record:

Government Hold Music, my latest release, is a blending of soul and politics. Check it out and find out how to get your copy!

Government Hold Music

There has to be something unsavory about people performing on the streets. There has to be a funk, a dirtiness, there has to be something not quite right.

-Penn Jillette

I've been a busker, composer, stage & studio performer and much more for numerous years.

As a busker, I supplemented a low-paying day job by performing on the weekends & holidays for tips. Busking is, by far, one of the best professions I can claim to have. I loved each and every time I performed on the streets, living and breathing the music, so I could continue to live and breathe thanks to your tips.

Check back every so often (or, even better, follow me on Facebook) for information on new releases, the rare shows I may perform, and a book in progress tentatively titled "The Busker Diaries".


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