My art, music and merch have moved.

I’ve barely promoted my creative works for the past.. Well, numerous years, honestly. I’ll occasionally plug something new, but it has always been a halfhearted effort.

Today, that begins to change.

First: check out Pain Propaganda for all my art, music, and general merch. If you want to see my art, buy prints, get merch, or even get music, that’s where you start.

In case you’re wondering, the tech stack is React with Gatsby as a SSG. That’s how it’s so ridiculously fast.

Next, we’re also doing a Patreon (finally). The Pain Propaganda Patreon is where you’ll go to get insider shit, request commissions and more. In fact, you’ll get access to stuff like music a month before it even goes live in stores, so that’s a huge benefit right there.

Oh, and if you like my Lux Aeterna cover, subs get a free mp3 of it on top of the 2 other releases already live there 🙂 Right now we’re doing a Halloween art series where I add a new piece daily, and am opening up the floor for requests.

So.. That’s where we’re at. This site is going to become a blog and a place where I put up photography that I’m not selling as prints.