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No Why Should I Wednesday This Week: New Art In Progress


Date: 04/01/2015

I apologize for skipping this week (which was supposed to be on why you should learn how to work in CMYK), but I’ve got a new series in the works that’s soaking up all of my brain matter lately.

I’m collaborating with another artist of sorts, and am planning to have the series ready in about a month. One piece in particular is taking some rather hefty planning. The idea will be for this piece itself to not just be physical art, but also a performance piece to be demonstrated live.

I don’t want to divulge much, but I will say this.. It’s a commentary piece on cultural oppression, devolving American freedom, and the pain that comes about from it. The performance piece itself, assuming we can get it put together, will most definitely not be for those who don’t care for the sight of physical pain (and possibly blood).

I’ll share more once things solidify. If the above paragraph didn’t show it, I’ll definitely be pushing my own boundaries a bit for the sake of my art, and for the sake of the world I’m sharing it with; the world definitely needs it now, more than ever.